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Rolf/Structural Integration

“Structural Integration is a system that induces change toward an ordered pattern. It aims to balance the myofascial relationships within the body.” ~Ida Rolf

Rolf/SI is a weekly ten series modality in which the practitioner + client work together to create balance, structure, symmetry + ease in the facia. Physical, mental + emotional trauma can be released, inviting the client to access a higher level of functionality. Each week a different dimension of the body is worked with. While there is a set container for each of these sessions, the client's individual structure leads the way for its own potential.

Each session is up to two hours long and will include an in-depth verbal intake, (including conversation around medical history, personal goals and intentions for our work together), body reading that may involve movement, hands on bodywork with periodic body and movement readings throughout and an in-depth post-session transition before you leave the room.

How to prepare for Rolf/SI:

-what to wear for our sessions:

for female identifiers- a bikini/bra and underwear/running shorts and sports bra/cropped tank and yoga shorts or some combination

for male identifiers: boxers/running shorts/gym shorts/swim trunks

***you will not be drapped by sheets or blankets for this work

***body reading with practitioner is included before, during and after each session-make sure you are comfortable being seen in your chosen Rolf attire

-plan to avoid heavy exercise before and after each session

-keep skin free of moisturizers and come in freshly bathed

Rolf/SI Single Session

Single sessions are offered to those who are passing through town and unable to receive the full 10 series. Single sessions are also offered to those who have received the 10 series within the last year and are in need of a tune up. These can also be done in a 3 series format, with each of the three sessions completed in no longer than 4 weeks,

Rolf/SI 10 Series

The Rolf/SI 10 series is the traditional formatting for this work. The client is scheduled every 5-10 days until the series of 10 sessions is complete.

Jenna is offering half off when booking the 10 series, 20 % off first session when booking a single session or 3 weekly sessions.

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